Issues with mobile page data entry. Field freezes...

My mobile page has edit layout decks. When entering data into the decks, if the field is pressed twice, or if you type certain things the field freezes. The cursor is still in the field making it look like it is live, but it won’t take input. This is on an iPhone 6 using Salesforce1. It happens in search boxes too. Example: if I type ABC then touch the field to reposition the cursor so that I can erase the A, the field goes dead. I have to click the “Done” button on the iPhone keyboard and then select the field again to edit. Is this a known issue or is it just happening to me because of some issue with my page? Thanks

There are some known issues when a VisualForce page is shown within Salesforce1 on an iOS device.  (See here:   We’ve called our friends at Salesforce and Apple,  but they haven’t answered the phone. 

Coming with the Banzai release will be the ability to include Skuid directly in a Lightning page - which means you can include Skuid on Salesforce1 without using an iFrame.  We believe this will provide a substantially improved experience - though it still has some problems. 

Everyone is still growing in this space.

Understood. Tentative release time on Banzai? Is it looking like a August release or more toward the fall/winter?

We’re working super hard to get it out in August… .

We appreciate the hard work!