Issues with getting Vonage/InContact login to appear in Skuid/SF as our Five9 login currently does

Currently, our organization has a Five9 login built into one of the tabs on our homepage. It’s a very simple setup: responsive grid with 2 templates, one of which is just a “log in here” text label and the other of which includes code that causes the Five9 login to appear in our Skuid environment within Salesforce:


We are changing from Five9 to Vonage/InContact, and the code provided by Vonage/InContact is not working to display their login on the tab I’ve added for it with the same components as above, responsive grid with 2 templates, one text only, and one containing the following code:

Any suggestions about why what they've provided might not work to bring up their login?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


Do you see any errors in the console or on the screen?  What do you see when you try the URL from the ‘src’ property in your browser?



Not a thing - my text template displays text as expected, but the new code for the dialer/UI/login doesn’t have any results whatsoever, not even an error message (just white screen as though that template wasn’t even there). 

Hi Kathy,

I’d second Bill’s suggestion to try the URL by itself in its own tab, outside the iframe. At the least, we should confirm that that URL works with Skuid out of the mix. 

Also, if you’re familiar with the browser console’s network tab, you can open that while the Skuid page is loading, to watch how each of the page’s resources are loading. Once the page is all loaded, look through the list of resources for a request to load the contents of this iframe. It should have a very similar URL to what you have in the iframe. It would show up as its own request, and if it’s being rejected or causing some kind of error, you would see a code 404, 400, or something like that - 200 would indicate it is loading properly, so I wouldn’t expect to see a code 200. 

Hi Kathy,

Were you able to make progress on this issue? I know it’s been a while since this conversation had any new comments.