Issue with the Record type value

Hi Team,

I have a field Agency on My Custom Object which is a lookup to Account object. For this field I want to fetch only the accounts for which Record type is ‘Agency’, not the problem is coming whenever I select any value for this field, on saving the record value is getting disappeared, and when I edit the record again, record ID is getting displayed in the field.
Could some one pls suggest what is causing the issue ?

Are you using the field selector to pick the account or are you populating it using conditions or actions?

Didn’t get your question, to eleaborate, I am using field editor where I have this field which is lookup to Account and I have a lookup filter on this field which is : - RecordType.Name = ‘Agency’
I have another field in the same FIeld Editor which is Client and Lookup filter for this field is RecordType.Name = ‘Client’, which is perfectly fine.


Can you show us your settings for the field? Do you have anything in your display or search templates?

Also, check to make sure the name field is included in the model. I doubt this is the issue, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Name field is already taken care in the Model, as I have told I also have another field is also lookup to account and have a look up filter to record type = Client. this is working fine, will post the screenshots shortly…

Hi Matt,

Please see the attached screenshot. There in no rendering condition on the filed, also i have removed the Lookup filter setting also…

I am not sure what was causing this issue, I had deleted the field and have created the new field. It is working fine now.

Strange.  But glad to know its working now.