Issue with Lookup

Hello, I’ve done the same exact logic on another page and it worked flawlessly

Now I’m trying to reproduce the exact same for a different page (based on same SF object, and fields…) the only difference I can see is that it’s in a popup…

And it’s not working (the lookup field always show “none”) and for the life of me cannot figure it out

Will try to explain it as clear as possible.

page named Account_Bk_wizard (based on SF object Account)

1- In this page, I have a table based on model Bank_statementsW

2- This table has a row action to show me in a pop up the related child record from model named “Suspicious Deposits” (up to that point all works well)

Here framework Actions I use:

3 In that popup , i have a table with a field to Lookup a SF Object named “Advance/loan on bnks”. This field always shows none…

Here’s the Lookup filter i used

If i take same record on other page where i got it to work, i see results…

The only thing i can see being maybe the issue, is the Bank statement ID , does not get pass in popup (on page it works , that page is based on Bank statement object)

If need any other info or clarification, pls let me know



I don’t think you want to query the Bank_statementsW model before you open the popup. That’s the model that the table is on, correct?

Instead, just query the Suspicious model with get more rows, and use context conditions.

(If I’m understanding the data structure correctly…) For your filter, you may want to use “another field from row” instead of field from another model, and compare to the reference to Bank Statements from the Suspicious model. That was you’re sure you’ve got the right Bank Statements Id.

Matt ,

Thank you very much again for your help, that solved it completely!

Sorry I could not try before today, I was a bit under the weather past couple days