Issue with conga URL

Hi I try use following conga url in skuid with some changes but getting error.
could you please help me to resolve the issue. 
&DC={!IF(Opportunity.Total_Offer_Value__c = 0 || ISPICKVAL( Opportunity.Offer_Template__c , “”) || Opportunity.Data_Check__c = “Data Items Missing” , “1”, “0”) } 
&DS7={!IF($User.Create_Word_Offers__c = true, 0, 2)} 
&LG1=Offer Letter 
&OFN={!Opportunity.Account}±+Offer+Letter+{!IF( Opportunity.Sponsor_Name__c = “”, “”, “Sponsored”)} 
&EmailTemplateId={!CASE(Opportunity.Centre_MIS_Code__c, “CSU”, “00X30000001jE9k”, “MAR”, “00X30000001jEAs”, “SLU”, “00X30000001jusl”, “OSU”, “00X30000001jEC0”, “USF”, “00X30000001jEDS”, “NYD”, “00X30000001jV8I”,“GMU”, “00X30000001jV6G”,“UAB”, “00X30000002K53N”, “”)} 


Skuid does not use the standard VF merge syntax.  So the statement: " ?sessionId={!API.Session_ID} " will actually not return any data when run within Skuid.  You need to look into the syntax skuid uses.  Here is an instruction document:

Information on global functions (like API.Session_ID and urlEncoding) are found here:

I’m also pretty sure that the CASE statement in the url will also fail.  You may have to build a UI Only field in the model, or a formula field that creates this value that is then passed into the URL. 
The more striaghtforward conditional statements should be possible using Skuid syntax.  The method for doing that is shown in the first link. 

Good luck!