Issue with Conditional rendering of field editor

Here are the conditional rendering properties for my field editor:

However, it doesn’t seem to respond as expected:

Whether IsPrivate is true or false, the field editor shows up.

Notice that the buttons are rendering correctly using the same criteria.

The only wrinkle here is that the model has no rows on pageload. Is that the problem? Shouldn’t the conditional rendering conditions update when the model is queried?

Thanks for your help!



un bump.  (Grin)

Matt - I cannot reproduce this issue.  Maybe there is somthing else going on here.  Might you give us login rights to the org, and let us know what page this issue is happening on, and what the repro steps are?   Thanks. 

Love the un-bump.

I’ll shoot you and email with login rights and info.

Thanks for the login rights info.  I have been able to repro your problem.  It looks like there is somthing with new rows that conditional rendering does not like.  Exploring this with the devs,  I was pointed to another bug that has been fixed in our dev org.  It does look like its not somthing we are going to be able to release as a patch - its going to need to be the next major release (which is coming late summer). 

Sorry about this. 

Thanks, Rob. Any suggestions for a work-around?

Is show/hide with jQuery the best alternative to conditional rendering?