Issue with Banzai release in Sandbox.\_details?post\_flow=true&topic[subject]=Issue+with+Banzai+release+in+Sandbox. Hi Team,
The mobile page which was loading without any issues in Sandbox Prior to the Banzai release is not working after the release. The same page is loading just fine in PROD.
Getting the following error in the console “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘element’ of undefined”. Please help me figure this out.

I am attaching a screenshot of the error I am getting in the Console.

Thanks in advance.

Would you mind giving us login rights to your org so we can take a look at what is going on?   Here is how:
- Use this tutorial to give us login rights:….

Then send an email to  with the following information: 
- Your org ID
- The skuid page name
- The steps used to repro the issue. 

We’ll see what’s going on…

Granted Access. Appreciate you looking into this Rob.

Matt.  We have dug into your org and confirm that this is a bug.  We had seen it before but had not seen it completely blow up a page.  We have escalated the issue and will work to get it corrected.   Thanks. 

Thanks a ton Rob. Look forward to your update on this.

The problem was with pages that had this setup…

1. A model that was “Create Default Row If none Exist”.
2. Had a condition on a field that provided a default value.
3. Had a model action listening for when that row was updated.
4. Ran some kind of action based on the update.

If all four of these criteria were met, a premature responsive calculation was made and the page bombed. This has been fixed in dev.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for your response. Yeah, the page has all the four setups you mentioned.
Will there be a patch release for this which we need to upgrade to?

Yes, this will be included in our next package release.  Hopefully in the next few days. 

Thank you very much Rob for all your help!! Much Appreciated.