Issue when submitting a form using a Save Model action

I have a button called  “Submit for Processing” that runs Multiple Actions.   FIrstly, Show message and block UI.  Secondly update a field on a row. And lastly Save Model Changes.   Also on the form I have two fields that are marked as required.  When I “Submit for Processing” and the required fields are not filled in, I seem to get an error when the Save Model Changes action runs but no messages are displayed.   There is also a Save buttion on the page, whcih when I select that I get a red error message stating the required fields are blank.   IS there a way to make that message show up when submitting the form using the Submit for Processing button?

Hey Jeffrey.

In order to handle errors through the action framework, you create an “on-error” branch for the associated action. To do this click on the “save model changes” action then click the “!” icon. This will add an action to be completed when the “Save Model Changes” generates an error. Unfortunately, however, there is no way currently to give specific error messages pertaining to the action, but you can at least let the user know something went wrong with a block ui action.