Issue creating new pages in skuid native composer

I’m having trouble creating a new page in Skuid native.
When creating a page from scratch I get an internal server error.

When creating using a page template, I get a required fields error (this makes sense since I don’t have any objects).

The master page selection is blank.

And I’m not sure what the XML structure is so I can’t paste in XML from a prebuilt page.

Hey Shmuel, I think you’ve found a bug in Skuid Native - you’re right, creating a page from a page template won’t work with no objects. Seems like a minor oversight.

I couldn’t re-create your errors when creating a page from scratch or pasting in XML though.
See the video below.

I just copy/pasted the XML from Skuid’s Case Sample Page. (naturally the Models won’t pull in data, but the Skuid Ui Components & Model Conditions are all there).

Thanks! I managed to create a page by copying XML and deleting all the components and models via the UI.

Shmuel and Roman,

You’re right, page templates are busted since you can’t specify an object.


Did you have any data sources set up when you got that error on page creation? You may have to set one up before you can build pages. Let me know if you still get an error when you try to create a new blank page after you’ve set up a data source.