Is there anyway to show the hours and minutes of an appointment on the calendar?

We were having an issue with conference rooms or vehicles being overbooked because we did not have the duration of the appointment listed on the calendar.  The calendar does have a duration in minutes that just lists total minutes but it did not look as nice as having 1 hours 35 minutes.  etc.  So what is the best way to convert Duration in Minutes (a standard field) into hours and minutes.

This formula works well to convert Duration in Minutes to an hours and minutes format.  If DurationinMinutes is less than 60 it just shows (assuming it is 30 minutes) “30 Minutes”.  It leaves the Hours off.  If it is greater than 60, for example 215 minutes it would convert it to “3 hour(s) 35 Minutes”.  You could change this to be Days, Hours, and Minutes but multiple day appointments are rare so I am stopping at Hours and Minutes. If it were multiple days it would just list it as hours “36 Hour(s) 30 Minutes”.

I just created this formula field on the Event.  Hope it helps someone someday. 

Text(DurationInMinutes) & " Minutes", 
IF(Floor((DurationInMinutes)/60)-(DurationInMinutes/60)=0,Text(DurationInMinutes/60) & " Hour(s)“, 
Text(Floor(DurationInMinutes/60)) & " Hours " & Text(Round((((DurationInMinutes/60)-(Floor(DurationInMinutes/60)))*60),0))&” Minutes"))


Thanks for sharing the solution! Glad you were able to answer your own question, love it when that happens :slight_smile: