Is there anyway to add images from your phone into a salesforce object using skuid?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can do this using the File Upload component, see our docs on this component:

Thanks Zach, I’m currently using the upload file component on my iPhone and it gives me the option to take a photo or upload from Camera Roll. Do you guys have any ideas how I could upload an entire .pdf from an IOS device?

Android works like a charm. 

Are you saying that on iOS you try to upload a .pdf and the upload fails, but on Android it works? Is this only happening for .pdf files on iOS, or for other file types as well? Any particular size of file, or any .pdf file?

I worked on this for a while. iOS doesn’t allow .pdf’s to be saved in the camera roll so we’re going to try to solve this. If I can find a way to either a) make several photos into one long photo or b) make several photos into a .pdf in iOS without using external apps. The uploads are working fine. 

I’ve found you can do this by using Dropbox, but sounds like not using external apps is part of your requirements.