Is there any way to hide the Label on a Template Field?

I would like to hide the Label part of a Template Field so the Template data can use 100% of the row and not be shared with the Label data and Template data. So I don’t want a blank Label, I want the label to not be on the page at all, just display the template data.

See below.

Hi Jeffrey

Try this:

.nx-basicfieldeditor-item-label{<br> display:none !important;<br>}

If you want to do that just on one particular field, add a class to your field.

.yourClass .nx-basicfieldeditor-item-label{<br> display:none !important;<br>}


Beautiful.   That worked perfectly.

Thank you very much.

Create an inline css class with the following code

.hidelabel .nx-basicfieldeditor-item-label{ display:none; }

then on your template add in the css field the following


you have to be pretty quick around here!

Or you can use the “Label above Field” Display mode on the Field Editor, and change the Label to a single space, e.g. " ".

Zach for the win! 

Thanks everyone for the assistance.  I now have this working with two solutions (CSS or  Field Editor settings).

I Have the same question. What CSS should i use to hide only one field in the field editor? I don’t understand the word yourClass in the above comment . can you tell me how to solve the issue. Thanks.