Is there any way to generate banded reports

Basically, this would be “drawer” functionality, but made so that all there was a “drawer” for each of the main records, which showed the child record data in a table. But of course the “drawer” would always been open.

Ken,  there is not anything out of the box that can do this in Skuid.  There are a couple of ideas that come to mind toward customziation. 

You could include the child records as “child relationshiop fields” on your primary object model.  Then each row of main records would have a column that had the child records listed.   You could include some HTML in the child relationship template to put the child records in thier own table (within the cell)

An aggreagate model on the child records could also be used.  The grouping functions allow “roll up” grouping - where each level of grouping gets a subtotal row.  Let me warn you that formatting leaves much to be desired, and that row totals don’t work here.   But it might get you somewhere…

You could also go to Javascript and create somthing from scratch. 

I think that’s all I can think of this morning.  Let us know if you figure somthing out. . . 

Thanks Rob, that’s probably not going to work. I need to print out a master header then a line for each treatment plan goal then a line for each action step under than goal then the next goal… is is a pretty standard report format in the rest of the database world best i can image is to load the data into a model in my skuid page that combines the records for goals with the records for action steps for goals then loop over the combined record set and output a table in javascript that tracks the goals and knows when it has passed to the next goal so it can output a header line and then outputs the action step lines without the fields that are for the goal goal action step action step goal action step action step action step etc… this makes it a variation on a “drawer” maybe you guys could repurpose your “drawer” code so that all the “drawers” could be displayed open

Yes Ken,  we have some “custom table” ideas that include this sort of subtotaling.  I’m not sure if we’d repurpose drawers to do it,  but its somthing we’ve talked about.