Is there an easy way to make all links load in a new browser tab?

I want to always keep my nice Skuid page with a reference table open, and when I click on record links I want them to open in a different/new tab. Is there any way to do this without manually overriding each column in my table with a template containing a custom URL?

Peter, Depending on your operating system/browser there is usually a key you can press to do this… on my mac, in chrome, its command + click on the link

Hi Peter, you can try this at the page level by including this javascript snippet in your page. (function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; $(function(){ $(‘head’).append( $(‘’) ); }); })(skuid);

I added this as a snippet on my page, but it didn’t change the functionality of the links on my page. Links still open in the same tab.

Hmm… I just tried this as an Javascript Resource (type = in-line) and it worked fine.

(function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; $(function(){ $('head').append( $('base target="_blank"') ); }); })(skuid);

Also, you should use the Inspect Element feature on your browser to see if this code actually got correctly appended to your page.

I see the following code in the script section of my rendered page, but the links still open in the same tab. Perhaps there’s a browser setting that’s overriding this? (function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; $(function(){ $(‘head’).append( $(‘base target=“_blank”’) ); }); })(skuid);;

ughhhh the code editor here is messing things up. it’s supposed to be ‘’ is that what you had?

No, it wasn’t, but now I’ve changed it to to the following, and now it does work: (function(skuid){ var $ = skuid.$; $(function(){ $(‘head’).append( $(‘’) ); }); })(skuid); Thanks!

no problem! sorry for the confusion and glad it’s working now!

Should this work for the “On-Click URL” on photo views of a table?

Thanks so much!

Woah! Thanks for sharing this! 

Ohh it’s working in classic but not in lightning