Is there a way to use OpenCV in skuid?

Hello All!
Me and my team are extremely new to Salesforce, Skuid, and just overall javascript development. But nevertheless, we have developed some javascript that uses node.js and openCv to take in an image of a scantron, process the answers and spit out a grade based on a key that we input into the function. I guess my main question is, in what way(if there is one) do we import our javascript code into Salesforce or Skuid so that we can run the code inside of skuid and the grade can be returned immediately?  Here is the link to the openCV so that you can see what we are talking about.

The final goal of this is to take a picture of a scantron on an ipad, process it, and then upload the grade back into Salesforce. Any tips or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help everyone! We appreciate it 

You can extend with Skuid through Javascript. Our documentation regarding custom code extensions can be found here. Let me know if it helps and if you find what you’re looking for.

I’m not sure if node.js or openCv can be integrated successfully or not. I haven’t heard of anyone using it before. If you would like to engage with Skuid Professional Services, they would be happy to help.