Is there a way to toggle between v1 and v2?

As I prepare my customer-facing teams for the use of our new V2 overlay, I’ve come across concern that if something fails to work as intended or something needs to be tweaked during testing, the customer experience might suffer because the representative can’t get back to familiar territory. 

I would love to be able to offer my team the ability to switch back to a V1 overlay in a pinch, and make that ability accessible to them on the V2 overlay. Is there code or a button/feature I can use that will allow a user to toggle between a V1 and V2 page, or at least move from a V2 to a V1 page without my needing to update User Settings? 

It’d be tricky to do but technically you could link to those V1 pages directly from V2; however, they’d be different pages themselves. So any modifications to one would have to be replicated on the other.

I heard a V1 to V2 conversions is in the pipeline so you could finalize everything in V1, then transition all pages to V2 while building in this linkable action into the V2 page. The problem with this approach is that they’d be displayed in an entirely new page devoid of the SFDC header and footer. 

As far as I know there’s nothing in the pipeline to toggle between a V1 and V2 version of the same page. You can’t on click go from a V2 to V1 page (as far as I’ve tested) but you can click on a link from a V2 page, include Id parameters, and go to the “page preview” of that record in V1.

Hi Erik, thank you for your response. I really like the idea of using a URL button Action to view a preview of the V1 version of the page. In most cases this is all that would be required by my team. Their fear is that they might get lost in a new workflow or not be able to find something on the fly and need to jump into V1 while on the phone. It’s more a security blanket than anything else, but that’s important. I’ll try the URL idea out and let you know how it works!

I’d recommend including something like this as an Action Sequence in the Master Page so you can re-use it across all your pages. You could incorporate a “View This Page in V1” feature by having an Action Sequence that uses /{{$Param.Id}} but you’d have to make them custom if clicking to a different page altogether

Linking a button with a V1 preview URL works great! I thought I’d report back with the solution I’ll be using. It does not have to be a toggle necessarily since it opens in a new window, so the user can just go back and forth. I used a URL button Action. Here’s the URL as an example. I’ll have to test it under different circumstances but so far so good. 


I always love it when folks come back to report on how things went. Thank you Eugene!