Is there a way to take selected table rows and pass them to a new model and then join the passed rec

Is there a way to take selected table rows and pass them to a new model and then join the passed records with selections from another table?

  • My process starts on the PermissionSet object via table row selection. (Image 1)
  • A mass action passes the selected rows to a new model and opens a popup (Image 2)
  • The pop up contains the passed over permission sets as well as a table for user selection.(Image 3)
  • Would it be possible to make multiple user selections and create the appropriate permission set assignments based off of the users selected and the passed over permission sets?

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Hi Josef. Have you had a chance to try using the Adopt Rows action to grab rows from the two source models and adopt them into a third model? If you need to set up a certain value for the permission sets, perhaps you could accomplish this with a subsequent action to “update a field on a row(s).”

The two source models are different. 

One being the User object and the other the Permission Set object. Both need to join together to create a Permission Set Assignment record. 


Let’s say I select Perm set A and B and then I select User A and B. Four records should be created in the Permission Set Assignment object.

User A: Perm set A
User A: Perm set B
User B: Perm set A
User B: Perm set B

Is something like this possible? 

In that case, one other possibility to consider is setting up an Apex action, Flow, or something similar on the Salesforce side and executing it via Skuid’s action framework. Here are the options that are available for the Salesforce data source:

And here is the relevant documentation for this:…

I think it would be possible to accomplish this just with Skuid actions; adopting rows and updating fields, etc., but you might find Salesforce’s built-in tools more handy for something like this. And then, you would have access to the process even outside of Skuid, should that ever be necessary.

Flow would work, but the ideal solution would live purely in Skuid. Thanks for the help thus far.

One quick issue i’m noticing when trying to pass a permission set ID to a model. The ID seems to be some sort of skuid ID, have you ever seen that before? Image below.

That definitely looks like the temporary IDs that Skuid provides for new records. Is that the case for these listed here, or are they existing permission set records?