Is there a way to show chatter group

Is there a way to show Chatter feed for a specific Chatter group in a tab on a SKUID page?

Other than the Show Followers option, I am not aware of any way to filter by Group Id for the Chatter component.

Alternatively, you maybe able to create a filtered FeedItem (I think this is the right name) model and show the items in a table.

Just thinking out loud…

Hi Irvin,
Thank you for your help.
Let me try the FeedItem and see how I go. Do you know if I can still post from that model?

You can post to that model. 
You will want to filter the feed item list by “parent ID”  - which is a polymorphic field allowing about 90 object types.  You will only want to allow selection of the “Group” object.  Here is a post with some code showing you how to do that:…

Let us know how things go?  Maybe post some XML as an example if you feel it is successful!

Hi Rob,
Thank you for your help. I will for sure once I have this built.
I am working with a college on a solution and I have proposed SKUID as part of my design so hopefully I can achieve what they are after so I can turn them in to a paid customer for you!

Sounds cool