Is there a way to search for keywords across all my skuid pages' XML ?

Hello ,

We are about to activate Mydomain in production, and wanted to know if there would be a way to search all of my skuid pages’ XML for specific keywords (example NA87. )

As we know that on some of our skuid pages, some of the admin here may have hardcoded the instance on an URL, and it would be very long and annoying to go check page per page

So wondering if able to export all and search or something similar. I tried building a skuid page to search skuid pages, but do not see XML available in the fields.

Thank you

The global search that is available at the top of your skuid admin pages - or available in the core SFDC UI - will search on the XML fields of skuid pages. It should return any page that has the string you are searching for.

Its an unexpected way to find pages that all have a certain feature…

It would be lovely if one day there was a way to mass update XML based on replacing a text string with another text string. Probably not a lot of applications for it but I had to migrate data from one object to another and then painstakingly go through all pages to update references to that data to point to the new object.

Hey Actually in meantime, I found kind of a way to do at least find the pages I need to update.

Did not test yet if can update directly

So at first created a skuid page to view skuid pages, and did not find the XML. then realized that the field containing the XML is called Layout

So created a table, but so big that if laod more than 5 rows , it would hit an apex limit

So tried with dataloader, and was able to CRTL +F to find the ones with references, but not sure i will be able to use this same excel and reimport with changes, rows are weird the way they come out. XML field (lookup) often populates on more than 1 row.

Will see if mass update works and update here later

Thank you, that’s cool, not sure if doing it right, but SF global search only returned 1 page to me (and that page has the string i was looking for in a model condition, but did not find the other 40 + pages i found through exporting all pages with data loader

The Skuid page search, i tried seems better, but it only returned 7 pages… Not to sure it works a 100%

The Skuid CLI or skuid-grunt is the way to go. You can download the XML for all your pages into a text editor, perform a find/replace, and then push all the changed pages back up.