Is there a way to Save all models when a user exists the page?

I am having issues where users are losing data because they are not saving.

Scenario 1:
In some cases the users will leave the tabs open, do something else, the session will time out and then they will continue not realizing the session is expired, try to enter data and save and not realize that they are not in an active session and that there data is not saved.

Scenario 2:
In other cases the users will enter data, not click save, and sometimes close the tab not realizing they never saved their data. I have the feature to warn them on exit if they haven’t saved but also hoping to find some way to auto save models if they choose to leave the page without manually saving.

It sucks but in a cloud world of Google Doc like apps people are starting to assume that data is saved automatically shortly after it is entered which can be problematic.

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We have been doing some work on “auto save” and while I can’t promise anything - I’ll take your scenarios and add them to the feedback we’ve been collecting.

You are right that Google Docs has made this behavior expected. Salesforce is starting to do this too with the Notes interfaces in lightning. But right now there are lots of complicated exception cases that make it hard for multiple field database CRUD operations to be triggered auomatically and not completely interrupt what the user is doing …

Stay tuned, we are thinking about how best to help.

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