Is there a way to remove SKUID styles?

Is there a way to remove the standard SKUID styling? (I’d love a blank no-style theme for SKUID)

I can imagine a use case where I use a commercial Bootstrap template and create an entire application out of custom SKUID components that adhere to the template.

This would be great.

If you provided a means of pre-pending, post-pending information to the output of included SKUID components AND a means of overriding the output of the included components I would be in heaven since I could create versions of the included components that matched up to the external template.

This would be unbelievably awesome! But I would be happy to settle for great at the moment.

Is this possible?

I think you will find great in the next release.  I’m not sure about unbelievably awesome,  but I think great will be there for sure… 

hint on the release timing?

Sooner or later… (grin)

Por favor!