Is there a way to package "authentication providers"?

I was finally able to get my Custom Data Source working in skuid using a custom authentication provider that combines apex (remote actions) and javascript. This uses a custom “authentication provider”.
We use skuid as part of a managed package in which a user can specify an org-wide key with which all API requests get signed. In order to be able to release this to our users we need to be able to package our authentication providers. is this something that’s available? is there a skuid method that can be called to pack/unpack authentication providers?


Hi Mordechai

Is this for an Appexchange managed package?

Yes, an AppExchange managed package.

Hi Mordechai

Unfortunately there is not.

If this was so then it would be possible to distribute client Id’d and secrets which we feel may not be a good thing.  Sorry.

Yes, I understand that. Can I package a Custom Data Source? Or is there at least a way for me to use APEX to create Authentication Providers or a Custom Data Source?

The users of our package are not very tech-savvy. So explaining how to create custom Data Sources and Authentication Providers is not ideal.

The truth is, I really just need the Custom Data Source, I already wrote a Custom Data Source Type that ideally would use an authentication provider. The authentication provider does not actually have any credentials in it. The authentication provider uses “Custom Apex Authentication” as a type, but my Data Source Type pulls from the remote action.

I may be able to figure out an alternate workaround but I’m not looking to add to my to-do list here :slight_smile: so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mordechai

Apologies but I am going to have to transfer this to someone else in the organization as this is a unique request.

Chat soon