Is there a way to order Row Action buttons?

The order keeps resetting every time I refresh the screen…

When re-ordering the Row Action buttons, be sure to hit the ‘Save’ button in the Page Composer or use the keyboard shortcut, ⌘+S or CTRL+S, before refreshing the screen.

I noticed that with Row Actions of certain Action Types, like Edit Record and Delete Record, there can be a weird behavior where the Row Action remains anchored to a position. By switching from the Edit Record or Delete Record action type to another type, like Redirect to URL, I was able to drag and drop the Row Actions into the order I wanted. Then, I would flip the Row Action that was misbehaving back to the Action Type I wanted and they would all list in the right order. I’ll take a look at this.

Let us know if that helps, otherwise, I’d love to hear more details so I can replicate the problem that you are experiencing.


I think I am having a similar issue.  I am setting row actions on my task list.  I want the "Complete Task" check box to be first (It is a "Run Multiple Actions" button).  I then want "View Task Details", "Edit Rows Action", etc. to follow.  But the most used button is likely to be the "Complete Task" button.  When I add the edit action it automatically jumps in front of the "Complete Task" button.  In the row actions list below they are in order from top to bottom.  But in the actual row the edit one always comes first.  Is there a way to specify an order? 

I initially tried dragging to change the order in the "Row Actions" list at the bottom of the table.  That did not work.  I then tried deleting all my row actions and starting over so they would be in the correct order.  That worked until I added the Edit row action and it automatically jumped ahead of the list even though it was lower in the Row Actions hierarchy.  This is a screen shot after I deleted all row actions and started over.

Any ideas on how to order the row actions? 

I just saw another post by Pat.  It looks like I can change the order by editing the XML.  I will look into that method some more.

In my case it looks like the XML is showing up in the same order as I want it. I.E. Complete Task, View Task Details, Edit Record". In my case perhaps the default edit and delete always take priority to a custom button?

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