Is there a way to "hide" columns in a table?

Is there a way to “hide” columns in a table so that the data would be invisible to the user, but would still appear in an exported Excel file?  I’ve tried setting the column width to zero, but that doesn’t seem to have an affect…

Currently this is not possible. Sorry for not replying sooner

I think with the “Superbank” release you can now export all data from rows, and aren’t limited to the table’s visible columns, is that right Rob?

Peter is totally right.  This has changed with the Superbank release. There are now export options at the bottom of the page: 

1.  Click on “Export Options” at the bottom of the table. 
2. The default option is to Use the columns present in the table in the Export.   To define your own columns “Uncheck” this property.  
3. After unchecking - you will be able to add fields from your model to the export.