IS there a way to find out in console what model is causing the 'Changes you made may be saved' popu

HI Guys,

I have a page or 2 on which every time we want to leave the page we get this popup saying we have unsaved changes… even though we should not

I tried to manually look in all the models and cannot find the culprit

IS there a way via browser console to find out which model or what changes have unsaved changes?

Thank you

In the browsers developer tools console you can use a “For.Each” loop to work through an array of model data and retrieve particular aspects of the model data into a nice list.

If you are working in a V1 page put this in the console:

skuid.$.each(,function(i,mod) {
  console.log(," ",mod.changes)

If you are  using the V2 page put this in the console: 
var mods = skuid.debug.models();
 console.log(," ",mod.changes);

Note - this strategy can be used to return a list of any model property. Where is you error? What models have data? What models have conditions? Any model property can be listed this way.