Is there a way to create dynamic column names for tables?

I have an object whose fields are extremely generic (i.e. Parent.Var01_Label,Parent.Var02_Label and serve as a reference for the records of one of the child objects below it. I create a table using the child object and that child object has loosely coupled fields that I intend to match (i.e. Child.Var01_Value, Child.Var02_Value etc…) So when I am creating my table columns for Child.Var01 I would like to override the label with something akin to {{Parent.Var01_Label}} - Value Screen shot 1 - Table Column Setup imaginecrm Screen shot 2 - Table Column Display (Not displaying the model field token) imaginecrm The problem is I can’t seem to get the model fields tokens to display in the table column even though I am using the field selector for that token. I suspect that even though the field selector is available that it is not functional for individual table columns. (though being able to use a parent in these cases would be nice) Since this is likely a no-go is there a way to use a custom snippet to render the table column label? If so does anyone have a link or a code snippet they can share that would lead me in the right direction?


I see what you are talking about, and we will have to look into it some more. It does look like a Page Composer bug (i.e. the resulting Template will never pull in any data) at first glance. However, here’s a potential work around: Model context merge. The key here is that you have to specify by number which row in the model to use, but it would look something like this:


…where “MyModel” is the name of your model. Make sense?

Worked like a charm! Thank you for that.

Sure thing! Glad to help.