Is there a way to apply a currency format to merge fields?

Example, I have a Template with HTML that is pulling this field in using the global merge syntax: {{$}}

The value is appearing without the currency symbol and is missing commas in case of thousands, etc. 

Thanks for the help!

Tell me some more about the Total budget field - is it a currency type field to begin with?  Have you tried using triple braces (although maybe that would remove commas etc).

Global merges ( using the format {{$}}  currently do not pass the metadata necessary to correctly format the field.  You will need to make your template attach direclty to a model and read data directly.  


Are you in a multi-currency Org?  If not, you can hardcode the Currency Code.  Otherwise, you can use a custom field renderer and leverage the CurrencyIsoCode field for proper formatting.

Just a few other ideas for you to consider.