Is there a quick way to undo mass updates?

The mass update functionality of Skuid is awesome. This will bring a ton of value to our company! It makes it so easy that we have a question - say a user makes changes to multiple records in a table, or mass updates records, and they make a mistake, is there any quick way to undo all changes? Honestly, with my familiarity of how Salesforce works I don’t see this as a possibility, but then again Skuid seems to make the impossible possible, so I thought it’d be worth checking. Thank you!

Before or after you click Save?

Well, I know that before you can click cancel, so this would be after.

Evan,  Sorry for the very late reply… was at 40K feet and wifi c-d out.  One idea that comes to mind would be to maintain a shadow model that holds previous model data.  This means that you would have to provide an Undo button to rollback the changes using the shadow model.  Probably more trouble than ROI.  Instruct your users to think before jumping!

Wize words.  "Instruct your users to think before jumping!’

Thanks guys. Sounds like a plan :slight_smile: