Is there a calendar for mobile?

I have a use case where the user wants to be able to schedule appointments using a mobile phone and  calendar.  Is there a Calendar component I can use in Skuid Mobile?

If not, what do you all suggest. 
I will need to tie it up to the models and be interactive.


We have not exposed the calendar component in our mobile builder.  You could capture new event information using fields in a panel,  and then show a list of events using the Deck component (where each event would be a card).  But that display would not be set in a context of hours or days. 


Thanks for the reply.

What do you think about using one of the many jQuery Calendars out there?

In as much as Skuid is built on jQuery - the creation of a custom component to display a calendar using one of those libraries should be pretty straightforward.  However,  we haven’t seen it done, or done it ourselves. 

If you do.  Please share.  We would love the same functionality to plug into SF1.

Thanks in advance.

I created a calendar page in a desktop page using skuid nestled in a responsive grid then in the mobile builder added this as an iframe

Works really well