Is Skuid supported on iPad? Table editing not working?

Is Skuid supported on an iPad Safari, if so, what versions? We are using skuid 2.48 and are doing some testing on iPad iOS 6.1.3 and 7beta5, the table in-line edit does not work consistently and clicking on a standard table edit icon requires two “taps” (one tap seems to get “focus” and then the second tap “click”), perhaps it’s not been optimised for touch gestures? This will make our skuid app quite unusable on an iPad, can this be fixed quickly/urgently please! (use any table with in-line edit, no special page or logic required to replicate this).

Have just seen the official 3.0 Summer 13 release, well done. We’ll re-test this issue and others to see if anything’s changed.

I think you’ll be disappointed on the “double tap” issue. We’ve known this was a factor about touch devices but haven’t yet fixed it. Generally the first interaction with the device gives focus and doesn’t automatically fire the “click” event actions. We had identified this issue a while back, but did not feel it made touch interactions completely impossible. I tested some tonight and it does lend some wonkiness to the interactions. Next week we’ll look into the solution. Thanks for pushing the issue - we really want the customer feedback.

Thanks for direct response Rob, appreciate the extra attention. This issue and the [Cancel] button one already raised recently are the ones we’d like to see improve. We like Skuid so much that we have made it our primary mobile interface for Salesforce on the iPad. We want our users to have a simple, easy and branded user experience that the standard Salesforce UI and Touch can’t give us. At some point soon (we’re not quite ready yet) we’d also like to show you, Matt and the rest of the team what we’ve done with Skuid, we think you’ll like it!

Glad to hear this Stephen. We really appreciate your showing us both what your pain points are, and what you are building. Please do let us know when you have something to show, or just want to give us an “in progress” view. We’d love to check it out. We’ll also communicate the progress on these issues.

As of Skuid 3.3, the issue with iPads requiring “multiple clicks” to initiate Inline Add, Edit, Delete, and custom Row Actions, has been resolved. We have also implemented support for several of the HTML5 input data types, so Email and Phone fields should render appropriate keyboards on Mobile devices.

See the comments on this discussion for strategies for configuring Skuid tables to work best on iPad.

This is good news Zach, thanks again for the prompt response! We’re just kicking off our Skuid 3.1 regression tests and we would be keen to know when 3.3 would be available so we can plan for more testing. We’d also like to know whether there will be other fixes including the patch for the CurrencyIsoCode field appearing in Attachment models. And thanks for the tips on Skuid tables for iPad. We are already tweaking our tables to adjust for the smaller resolution and the new features will help.

Hi Stephen, Skuid 3.3 is available now from the Skuid Releases page. 3.3 includes a fix for the CurrencyIsoCode issue as well. Zach

Awesome! What great timing :wink: You guys rock, we’ll test the two issues now and let you know how it goes.

Our initial tests passed, so we’re good to go here, 3.3 resolves this issue. This will save us extra testing and will give us some happier users so many thanks to you and your team for the extra special attention, appreciate it!