Is Lightning Experience required to install Banzai?

Is it the case that Lightning Experience must be enabled to install Banzai? If so, we have a problem in one of our orgs and I suspect you will run into this for the Push as well.

We are getting the below error in our Developer org when trying any of the Banzai packages. At first glance this looked like it might be related to Lightning which we had not enabled. Tier 3 support just phoned and let us know that since we had enabled Person Accounts in that org years ago, we cannot add Lightning Experience. So does this mean we cannot use Banzai either? This is our Packaging org so would be moderately unfortunate.

Thrown: common.exception.SalesforceGenericException: org.auraframework.throwable.quickfix.DefinitionNotFoundException: No THEME named markup://one:oneTheme found : [markup://packaging:ipLanding, css://packaging.ipLanding, markup://packaging:packagingTheme]

I granted Login access to org 00DE0000000dq2O if anyone from Skuid wants to sniff around.

From experience, I know that you don’t have to enable lightning to use Banzai.

Ok good. After I posted this I realized that we hadn’t activated it in other orgs either and Skuid installed.

Then I guess we will just need to submit a case for this error when installing Banzai.

Sorry about that…