Is it possible to update standard object Records via Skuid page on site.

I am having a site .I added my skuid page in it ,now I would like to know that is it possible to update Contact Object Records via my skuid page.
For now when I open my skuid page on site all fields of contact object comes in output mode not in editable mode.
But if I run my skuid page in my salesforce org all fields come in editable mode.And I  am able to update data on these fields. 

Models on Skuid Pages strictly enforce the Salesforce Security Model, so whatever user views a Skuid Page only has permission to do what the user is authorized to do via the Salesforce Security Model. For Sites, the Guest User’s license does not permit edits on any standard objects. If you want to update standard objects, you will need to setup a Community and give your site visitors their own logins.