Is it Possible to search field name/label on a page


As for all my users Skuid is pretty new and not used to new layout yet, they often ask me for a way to find a specific field among all the tabs on that page…

Is there a way to accomplish that and give them ability to go to that field directly.

In our old Account page they would simply use CTRL+F and search and go to field

Now that’s it broken down in tabs, it’s not as simple.


Using CTRL+F brings you to the browser search functionality that will only search on the exposed DOM.  Try using the powerful Skuid search component and you can include a series of must commonly searched for fields and related data.  Alternatively you can have a workshop with your users and try organising your tabs a bit better and maybe a tab with the most commonly searched fields?

Thank you for your answer.

I tried a lof of different things in the search component, but could not find a way to search “common fields” for records i’m on


I go on account named test123
this Account skuid page is composed of 5 tabs

I’m currently on tab #1 and i want the ability to search either/or:

a. The content of the field on the current or  different tab (example I search for the word “food” and it would be bring to tab #3 of current record which contains a field with that text)

b. I want to search the field’s Label. On same record, I have 5 tabs and instead of looking in each for field named “Phone” ,

Could i use the search component to accomplish both or either of those 2 scenarios?

If yes, if you could provide an example or anything I would appreciate.

The documentation on search component is very scarce

Thank you,