Is it possible to replace a Salesforce Event data message?

I have a skuid page that allows editing contact information. When saving changed contact information if a duplicate contact is found, Salesforce outputs a red banner at the top of the page with the message “Use one of these records?”

Is it possible to override & display a different worded message?

An inspect of the Contact model via the console details the following.


Hi Harry,

That might be possible with some JavaScript, but I am not sure what it might look like. You may also be able to set up a custom validation rule on the Contact object itself as an alternative.

I wonder though if you could set up a duplicate check in the Skuid page itself. Before trying to save the contact info, query another Contact-based model for any contacts that match the contact’s name. That way, you can keep Salesforce’s built-in error behavior intact, but intervene before it gets triggered. I’m not sure what you want to do with any discovered duplicates, but there would be a lot of possibilities with the actions framework & models.