Is it possible to override subtab styling

Is there a way to turn a subtab in to a regular tab even though it’s technically a subtab? 

I have a few tab sets within tab sets and i’d like to keep the regular tab set CSS. 


Would a custom theme work for you?  You could then change the styling of the sub-tab to match the tab styling.



Hi Bill, 

I am using a custom theme with custom styling for my Tabs and Sub-Tabs.

Both are customized in a fashion that suits our needs. However, overriding the Sub-Tab style with the Tab styling in certain places is needed because of a clash in design. I could style the Sub-Tab individually, but I was wondering if there was an easier method. 


Josef, did you find a solution to this?

Yeah I was able to get it done with some CSS. Did you need some help doing the same?