Is it possible to highlight the currently selected tab in a tab set?

I have a tab set with quite a few tabs, see below. I am concerned that the users will not be able to see what tab is currently selected. I would like to have some way to help the currently selected tab stand out, like change the color or make it bigger, etc.

Seems like this would be a pretty common request.

Any thoughts?

Hi Jeffery, 
You could create new theme for your page (While creating theme it will ask for selecting base theme which are provided by default by skuid, select the desired one) and select for this page. In theme you can change settings of TabSet, Selected Tab Set…etc .

Thank you.   I will check that out and let you know how I make out.

Var_GBC -

Thank you very much for that suggestion.   That worked great.  Plus it opens up a whole world of other 'stuff' that can be done.   Could be dangerous !