is it possible to have a Skuid tab link directly to a salesforce out of box home page

I am building a commercial product. Using Skuid primarily to be able to be able to have menus (tabs). I simply want a Skuid tab to link directly to a out of box Salesforce page. I would imagine that this is a standard request but I can't find how to do it. Anyone know how?

Thanks in advance.

I have not tried.  You may want to check out these posts for starters:…

The answer doesn't seem to be here. Thanks for looking anyway. If anyone else knows I would appreciate the help.

Hi, I misread your question.  To be clear, do you want the standard home page to appear within the tab or just redirect to the home page?

More information regarding embedding standard Salesforce pages within Skuid:…

Tracy.  My first inclincation is that this is not possible.  We have not been able to get dashboards or native salesforce charts to work inside Skuid pages.  The home page does not stand alone outside the salesforce “Home” tab,  so I doubt you are going to get it to appear inside a skuid tab. 

Having said that - if you iFrame the home page, and add  ?isdtp=mn   to the URL,  you may have some success. 

Finally, our snarky answer would be “Why do you want to show the salesforce home page?   There isn’t anything there that can’t be better shown in a Skuid page…”  But that’s not what you asked. 

I would like the standard home page to simply appear once a user clicks on a tab.