Is it possible to display a contact's HTML email tracking data in a Skuid table?


I’m looking to display HTML email tracking data in a Skuid table component looking at a contact model. Has anyone had any success with this? I’ve been trying to use the EmailStatus object for the model but am getting an error:

EmailStatus LIMIT 21 Error:entity type EmailStatus does not support query

I’m not sure if anyone else has tried to do this? Am I doing it the wrong way?

Any help’d be much appreciated.



Hi Louis,

As you’re experiencing, It looks like the EmailStatus object doesn’t support querying, and so it’s going to be a pain to interact with this data from Salesforce. 

Bummer deal.


Ah, bummer indeed. Ah well! If anything it just further points me in the direction of a third-party email service - some of which work with Skuid very well indeed.



Hi Louis.  Which 3rd party email service do you recommend?
Regards Greg.

IF it helps. I created a Global Action Button with a redirect to the HTML Email Status Report which is set to the last 7 days and I set it to open in a blank window. Just and idea.

This sounds good, I’ll give it a try

Mailchimp seems to work quite well, you can find all the components and wrap them in a Skuid interface showing clicks, opens etc. They’ve got their own salesforce integration or you can use a service like cazoomi or zapier to integrate further. You can also use their Mandrill transactional email service (cheaper, more API driven than point and click) but I’ve found Mailchimp’s auto responders work just as well. I’m sure you could probably do something similar with Sendgrid but it might involve a bit more API fiddling.

PS.  I created a custom report from the HTML Email Status Report and added a filter on the Name Field.  I then added ?pv0={{$}} at the end of the url address on the Global Action Button to tell SF to use the first filter in position 0 of the custom report and my contact FullName {{Name}} from the Skuid Model named Contact as the filter item.
good luck - cioa

Along the same lines, I created a visualforce page (simple one) and display it in an iframe on a lead and contacts page

Displays the status ok

<apex:page standardController="Contact" Sidebar="False" showHeader="false"> <apex:relatedList list="EmailStatuses"/> </apex:page>