Is it possible to create a custom sharing rule using a skuid page?

Can you create/modify sharing rules with a squid page? Say I have contacts object set to private by default. I want to share a contact record with another user in my org.

Can I :

  1. create a custom sharing rule

  2. manually share that record

via a skuid table or field editor?

Yes you can. Most sObjects have a second entry in the objects list with the word “Share” behind it. Create a new skuid model and just put “Share” in the search box and you will see them all. Build out the skuid model on this object and add entries to it through a Skuid UI. We’ve added “Share” buttons to record detail pages that let the Account Owner choose from a list of Users - and write share records for each one.

Good Times!

Great! I’m not getting notifications for some reason, so I’m just seeing this, but I’ll be trying this out soon.