Is it possible to add an picklist filter for an lookup field?

Like the sample shown above is there any way to add filter to an lookup field?

Thanks in Advance!


Definitely, when you click on your Lookup field, there a Property called “Filters”. Here you would set a filter. It looks like you have this lookup field on a table, so your Content would most likely need to be “Another field from row”.

One caveat is you won’t be able to put the picklist filter inside the lookup popup (like you have in your mockup)…unless of course you build a custom popup and launched that custom popup from a row action, for example.

So your picklist filter would be built as another field on your table, and your users would select that picklist option before using the lookup field. You could even force them to make a filter selection before using the picklist by setting an Enabling Condition so that your picklist filter field is not blank/none under your Lookup filter’s Render properties.