Is it possible for page include to have a different theme?


I’m wondering if anyone ever figure out how to have a different theme for a page include and not have it inherit by default the theme of page it’s include don.


If I remember correctly, if you use a template instead with an inline frame and add your url parameters into the URL, it works just like a page include but keeps the theme different.

You can get the page url by previewing the page in the page editor.

Thank you Raymond, not sure if my brain not yet functioning well this morning , but not sure what you you mean, can you show me a sample of what that template would look like?

Presently i use a page include (URL:  and the query string on it is: id={{$}}


It wouldn’t let post the code so here is an image of what you might put in a template component to display a page as an inline frame.

Thank you very much for your help, works like a charm!