Is AWS a pre-built configuration data source?

Is AWS a pre-built configuration data source like Microsoft Dynamics?

Also, Interested in hearing more about what the slide below during yesterday’s webinar actually means for Skuid Native. Does this mean Skuid will be configured like an EC2 image? What AWS services will the customization of Ui actually extend to? S3 buckets is an obvious choice, anything else?


One thing that I don’t like about the graph above is that it mentions AWS at all. I would think of “Skuid Native” as being hosted “somewhere” in the cloud, and forget about the fact that it happens to be on AWS. The idea is that it is hosted on “Skuid’s platform” — technically we’re using AWS right now, but that is in fact not helpful to focus on.

That being said, AWS is not currently a pre-built Data Source, but it’s on our roadmap. It’s not built-in yet because it’s authentication paradigm is very non-standard and complex. But we definitely want to have that available as a pre-built source as soon as possible.

This is what I thought but it wasn’t 100% clear for me.

Zach, it’s interesting that you say to think of “Skuid Native” as being hosted “somewhere” in the cloud, and not to focus on the AWS aspect.

Ever since Micah Hausler posted in the blog about managing Kubernetes clusters ( I’ve assumed that Skuid is using Google’s Cloud Platform in some respects also…

My question:
Not sure if you’re at liberty to answer this, but am I right in assuming that part of the vision of Skuid as a Platform is being able to build/scale a Skuid Ui experience, which is independent from any 1 platform exclusively - Salesforce/AWS/GCP/Microsoft Azure Cloud, etc.?

Roman, part of the work involved in developing Skuid Native was certainly to decouple the Skuid “Core” from any “host” platform, which we have accomplished at this point. I cannot make any statements about any future plans around other hosting platforms beyond “Skuid-on-Salesforce” and “Skuid Native” — currently these are the two Skuid “host platforms” and that is all we would like to share at this point as far as the roadmap is concerned.

Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to clarify Zach. I’m very excited about the direction that Skuid is taking, and as a developer, I want to make sure that I’m looking ahead in the right direction for what’s to come and upgrading my skills/knowledge of platforms accordingly. Hence my, admittedly prying, questions into the nature of Skuid Native. :stuck_out_tongue:

Appreciate the insight you’ve been able to share on this.

Agreed and similarly said from the skuid partners perspective. Would like to be able to part of the roadmap as much as possible as a partner.

Also very excited about the possibilities this provides and added value to our developers with deep Skuid training.

As of the Skuid Platform GA release in January 2017, there are three AWS Data Source Types that you can use within Skuid Platform, which allow you to interact with services in your own AWS account:

- Amazon S3: Access and upload files
- Amazon DynamoDB: schema-less, NoSQL database
- Amazon SNS: Subscribe and Publish to Topics, send SMS and Email Messages

Please see this excellent tutorial for more details:

AWS Data Source Types: S3, DynamoDB, and SNS

Awesome news! Thank you for the update Zach.