Is a Row a object record?

I’m sending parameters to an apex class using sforce.apex.execute and want to send an sObject record as a parameter

var result = sforce.apex.execute(&nbsp; &nbsp; 'eventSKUIDnewmember',<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; 'newmember',<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; {newmember:row1


 - so my question is how can I get a specific record from SKUID - can I use row?

var row1 = m1.getFirstRow();

That’s an interesting approach… Did you try running this for real? I had a different approach where I take the row and turn it into a JSON string, I pass it into the Apex method as a String, and then use Apex to deserialize the string into an sObject.

How did you JSON serialize the row? Manually or is there a method?

I did this to stringify my whole model:

var JSONString = JSON.stringify(; 

But you could probably just stringify the row

var rowStr = JSON.stringify(row1); 

Check it out in the console and see how it looks…