invocable methods not working in Community

Trying to use Invocable Methods in Community, and I’m getting a 503 Service Not Available error in the console. I believe the problem is that the POST url is missing the $Site.Prefix - in the console you can see the url it’s using - our community is located at so I think it needs to have the /partners added in.

This may be a Salesforce error more than a Skuid error, but hoping to get some insight here first. I get the same error in Produciton on Spring '16 and Sandbox on Summer '16.

Hi Jack,

yes its due to not passing SitePrefix during make call to invoable apex class.

It’s bug of skuid custom action that are not passing SitePrefix when you using that thing community.

For a workaround you can use Ajax request for calling Invoable method using snippet.
In snippet you can get sitePrefix as : 
and pass them with URL.

Hopefully it will work for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Raj, great solution, that does work. Hopefully this bug will get fixed soon!


Thanks for reporting this bug. Our devs are aware of it and are considering it for a future release.


Was this ever fixed?