invocable method to delete attachments getting error 400 bad request

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, I’m getting a an error 400 bad request when passing a single Attachment Id to to this class:

global class AttachmentsDelete {
    @InvocableMethod(label='Delete Attachments')
    global static void deleteAttachment(List<Attachment> attachIds) {
        List <Attachment> attachmentsToDelete = [SELECT Id FROM Attachment WHERE Id IN :attachIds];
        delete attachmentsToDelete;

it seems like it might be skuid’s using the apex custom action with a wrong URL?

I’m away from my desk today, but I think you also need an Invocable Parameter. It will also be a list. I’ve not written much apex, but I haven’t used a List in an IN clause; you may need to write the code with a loop even though you only expect the parameter to contain one Id.

Thanks Mike! I did have a version with an @InvocableVariable, and was still getting the bad request error, and no returned error message. I ended up just putting the above code in a webservice and using sforce.apex.execute and it works fine that way.