invalid Task Record Type ID when adding a task

I have a page that allows a user to add a task. There are 2 record types. Master and a custom one. I do not know why they have it set up this way, but 90+% use the Master record type as the default. If the master record type is the default, I get the following error when I save
"Task Record Type ID: this ID value isn’t valid for the user: 012000000000000AAA"

If I set the default record type to the custom record type it is fine. 

Does skuid not support ‘Master’ as a default record type?


We have been looking into the record type issue. It seems to boil down to record type assignment in the profile. 

A quote from  the official Salesforce doc on the matter:  

Assigned Record Types
Record types that are checked in this column are available when users with this profile create records for the object. If --Master-- is selected, you can't select any custom record types; and if any custom record types are selected, you can't select --Master--.

So if the users you are testing have the custom record type assigned,  they will not be able to use Master.  You will need to set up a second custom record type for them. 

If this is not the case,  could you give us login rights to your org.  Send the Org ID and the page you are wroking on to ""