Invalid Save request - Skuid Platform

I am trying to edit Salesforce data from the Skuid Platform. I am able to view the information, but when I try to make a change and save, I get the below error:

500 Internal Server Error:skuid.SkuidException: Invalid Skuid Save request - cold not deserialize JSON into valid Save Request object. (skuid)

Craig, this is a known issue and we are working to get it fixed ASAP. Stay tuned.

Thanks Zach, good to know. On a similar note with platform, creating a new Salesforce Authentication Provider does not by default fill in the request headers.

If you select any other provider type and then back to Salesforce, it does:

This tripped me up for longer than I would care to admit since the Common Request Parameters section is closed by default. I was getting 401 Unauthorized errors before finding this out. This behavior is not experienced on Skuid for Salesforce, only on Platform.

Craig, as of this morning, we have resolved numerous issues with the “New Authentication Provider” and “New Data Source” wizards — including the Common Request Headers not being populated for new Salesforce Auth Providers. Please let us know if you have any other problems with this, thanks for your patience!

The issue with invalid save requests on Skuid Platform has been resolved as of 8:30 AM EST this morning.

Awesome, confirmed its working on my page. Thanks for the update!