Invalid Reference Id error on followup page

Hi guys,

Bit of a weird one here. So, I created a Job Site Services page in skuid to create/track delivery orders to construction sites for various things, like dumpsters, for example. I created a Followup page to have certain items removed from the site, like a now full dumpster.

The error I’m getting is on this Followup Service page. I created a condition to pull the name of the Master service and auto-fill the field on the Followup page (main model JSS with condition, second model for Param ID and fields is MasterJSS). It’s actually pulling the correct name but it’s telling me the reference ID is invalid.

Both the Master and Followup use a Custom Object.


Have you checked out this tutorial on how to link 2 pages together by the id:


Thank you, Karen. But, this looks like it would be useful if two different objects are involved. The Master and Followup JSS are on the same object of Job_Site_Service__c and the follow field is pulling the proper information. It’s just telling me that it’s invalid for some reason.

In addition, actually, if I delete what it autofills and manually type in the name, it works just fine.