'Invalid Page API version' error when unpacking Skuid page

I am trying to unpack a Skuid page but getting the following error:

‘There was an error refreshing one or more pages:

1. Invalid Page API version.’

The Skuid page already exists and I am trying to overwrite it with the latest changes. We did face the same issue when we were trying to create it initially, to resolve it we created a new page and moved the XML across.

I can perform the same steps again but I wanted to know why I get this error intermittently? Any clues would be helpful.

Hi @lkharbanda,

Do you know if the page causing the error is a V1 page? If so, you can adjust the Enable API version 1 setting to allow the use of V1 pages in your org. This setting can be found if you navigate to Settings > Org Preferences > API Version in the Skuid app.

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Hi @Elena_ONeil,

The page has been created on v2. I have unpacked the same page multiple times before without any error. We upgraded Skuid recently and encountered this issue again.

Creating a new page also didn’t work this time. Any ideas to resolve this?

Hi @lkharbanda,

Hmm. If it’s not a V1 page, then it may be that something about the page XML is corrupted. If you don’t mind sharing your page XML, I can take a look to see what might be the problem.

Also, you said you upgraded Skuid recently - what version are you on now?