Invalid model service / missing native object fields

I created a new Campaign tab and detail page in my sandbox (Rockaway, Summer 16.) Everything is fine there.

When I moved the pages to production (Banzai, Spring 16), I get an error on both the tab and detail page "Invalid Model Service “salesforce” on Model “Campaign” ". In addition, on my detail page, there are native object fields (most of my problems are on the Campaign Members native SF object) where the object fields are included in the model, but not available in the model field picker.

For example, Email is a native Campaign Member field, but not showing in the field picker. therefore, I have lots of model field errors on this page.

Are these problems related, and how can I resolve them?

Hi Chandra, yes these problems are related — you can resolve them by going into the XML for your page (within the Banzai org), and removing all instances of the following in your Models’ XML: adapter=“salesforce” service=“salesforce” — i.e. do a find/replace on all occurrences of this, and replace with nothing.

This is a known issue with moving pages created in Rockaway orgs into Banzai orgs. We are considering addressing it in a future Banzai patch.